Valley of the Moon


Valley of the Moon

Duration :   5 Hours
Price From :    $30
Max People :    14
Start Location:   En la Agencia
Age Range :   5 - 90
Total Seats :  15/15
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Explore the Amazing Valley of the Moon in San Pedro de Atacama

Join us on an exciting journey to the Valley of the Moon, a place that seems to be from another planet. This tour offers you the opportunity to explore stunning landscapes and discover the unique geology and archaeology of the region.

  • Price per person: U$51
  • Early Booking Price: U$30 (Save 24%)
  • Booking: U$5  Agency Payment: CLP$25,000
  • Entrance Fee: $11,000 CLP

Schedule: 3:30 PM to 8:30 PM* 3:10 PM at the agency
* 7:30 PM End of the tour


Welcome to a unique experience in the heart of the desert: the Valley of the Moon in San Pedro de Atacama. Our excursion takes you through otherworldly landscapes, where nature has sculpted astonishing geological formations over millennia.

Tour Highlights:

  1. Magical Sunset: Get ready to witness one of the most spectacular sunsets you’ve ever seen. The Valley of the Moon is illuminated with warm, golden hues as the sun sinks below the horizon, creating a spectacle of lights and shadows that will leave you breathless.
  2. Unique Geological Formations: Admire the impressive structures that erosion has shaped over time. From the Great Dune, which allows you to enjoy a panoramic view of the valley, to the Three Marias, three iconic hills rising amidst the lunar landscape.
  3. Caverns and Caves: Explore the mysterious caves and caverns hidden among the rock formations. Our expert guide will take you to hidden places and tell you about the fascinating geological and archaeological history of the area.
  4. Coyote Lookout: From this observation point, you’ll have a panoramic view of the entire expanse of the Valley of the Moon. The contrast between the vastness of the landscape and the smallness of humanity will make you feel the magnitude of nature.
  5. Scenic Trails: Walk along trails that lead you through dunes, canyons, and surreal landscapes. Experience the feeling of being on another planet as you explore this unique land.
  6. Cultural Information: Learn about the rich history of the region and the legends surrounding the Valley of the Moon. Our guides will share interesting information about the geology, flora, fauna, and local culture.
  7. Unforgettable Photography: Every corner of the Valley of the Moon is an opportunity to capture stunning images. From the textures of the rocks to the changing colors of the sunset, you’ll have endless possibilities to capture lasting memories.

Book Your Adventure:

Our tour to the Valley of the Moon is a must-do experience during your visit to San Pedro de Atacama. Whether you’re a nature lover, a photography enthusiast, or just someone looking for a surreal landscape, this tour has something for everyone.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this incredible gift of nature. Book your tour to the Valley of the Moon today and get ready to be captivated by the magic of the Atacama Desert!

 What to Bring:

– Comfortable footwear
– Hat
– Sunglasses
– Sunscreen
– Water


– Bilingual guide (Spanish, Portuguese, and English), transportation, and hotel pickup (urban area).

Not Included:

– Entrance to Valley of the Moon (CLP$ 10,800 adults, CLP$ 5,400 children up to 12 years old and seniors).

 Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy: You can reschedule for free up to 2 days before the arrival date.


Preguntas frecuentes


  • ¿Qué días del año se realiza esta excursión?
    Esta excursión se realiza todos los días del año, a excepción de los días 1 de enero y 25 de diciembre.
  • ¿En qué tipo de vehículo se realiza esta actividad?
    El vehículo dependerá del tamaño del grupo, pudiendo ser un Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (o similar) para 18 personas, o un Volare (o similar) para máximo 25 personas.
  • ¿Cuál es la altitud máxima que se alcanza en esta excursión?
    La altitud máxima alcanzada es similar a la de San Pedro de Atacama (2450 m), por lo que esta excursión no requiere aclimatación previa.
  • ¿Con cuánta anticipación debo reservar la actividad?
    Recibimos reservas hasta con 48 horas de anticipación. No obstante, los cupos son limitados y siempre están sujetos a disponibilidad, por lo que recomendamos realizar la reserva con la mayor antelación posible.